Vignette Slovakia
Applying vignette Slovakia

Start the application process for your vignette below. You can have the required vignettes calculated automatically based on your arrival and departure date, or choose the vignettes yourself.

A car is a vehicle with a weight less than 3500 kg (3.5 t). This includes passenger cars and delivery vans.

If you are traveling with a trailer or caravan that has its own registration number, please tick this box.

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Delivery time

In most case the delivery time is within one hour. Express processing is possible.

Official vignette for Slovakia

The vignette will be delivered by SkyTol, the Slovakia road authority.

Buy vignette for Slovakia

To drive on the toll roads in this country with a vehicle up to 3500 kg, it is mandatory to buy the e-vignette for Slovakia. When buying the electronic vignette, the license plate of your vehicle is registered and linked to the vignette.

Do you require a toll vignette for Slovakia?

You will require an e-vignette for almost all motorways and many expressways in Slovakia.  Only the roads indicated with the signs 'Bez Uhrady' are toll-free. 

Where do I require an e-vignette in Slovakia?

toll roads in Slovakia

Exact toll roads in Slovakia

You will need an e-vignette for these motorways (Diaľnice) in Slovakia:

  • D1: From Bratislava to Záhor

  • D2: From Brodské to Čunovo

  • D3: From Skalité to Hričovské Podhradie

  • D4: From Jarovce to Devínska Nová Ves

You will need an e-vignette for these expressways (Rýchlostné cesty):

  • R1: From Trnava to Ružomberok

  • R2: From Trenčín to Košice

  • R3: From Trstená to Šahy

  • R4: From Vyšný Komárnik to Milhosť

  • R5: From Svrčinovec to Svrčinovec

  • R6: From Lysá pod Makytou to Beluša

  • R7: From Bratislava to Lučenec

  • R8: From Hradište to Nitra

Types of vignettes for Slovakia

There are three types of vignettes you can order for Slovakia: 

  1. The 10-day vignette: this one is valid for 10 days. You can select the start date yourself.

  2. The 30-day vignette: this one is valid for 30 days from the start date.

  3. The annual vignette: this one is valid from 1 January up to 31 January of the next year. So, it is valid for a maximum period of 13 months.

Prices of the vignette for Slovakia

The 10-day vignette:  €19.95

The 30-day vignette: €26.95

The annual vignette: €71.95

Check out the prices for:
10 dagen digitaal vignet Slowakije
Fees: €12.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €19.95
10 dagen digitaal trailervignet Slowakije
Fees: €12.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €19.95
30 dagen digitaal vignet Slowakije
Fees: €17.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €24.95
30 dagen digitaal trailervignet Slowakije
Fees: €17.00
Service fee: €2.95
Total price: €19.95
Digitaal jaarvignet Slowakije
Fees: €60.00
Service fee: €14.95
Total price: €74.95
Rapid processing (within 30 minutes)
Fees: €0.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €7.95

Order electronic vignette for Slovakia

Follow the steps below to order a toll vignette for Slovakia:

  1. Go to order and enter your place of departure and arrival.

  2. Select your vehicle and travel date.

  3. Remove any unnecessary products. All required products and safety products will be displayed automatically.

  4. Enter your details

  5. Confirm the order and pay via iDeal or Mister Cash.

  6. You will immediately receive an order confirmation by email.

  7. The vignette will be registered to your license plate within a few hours.

  8. You are ready to cross the border with Slovakia!

For which vehicle do you require an e-vignette for Slovakia?

If you want to use the motorways and expressways in Slovakia with a passenger car, van or motorhome with a maximum mass of 3500 kg, it is mandatory to buy an e-vignette. Vehicles with a total weight of more than 3500 kg, including heavy motorhomes, pay a toll charge per kilometre.

For these heavy vehicles, this is tracked via an electronic box that is registered and collected via GPS. This box must be requested in advance and cannot be obtained through us.

Toll vignette for motorcyclists

Motorcyclists do not have to buy a toll vignette and you do not require a separate vignette for a trailer. There is also no need to purchase a separate vignette for a trailer as long as the total weight of the car and trailer remains below 3500 kg.

Toll vignette for rental cars

When you travel to Slovakia by rental car, it is important to check whether the roll requirement has already been arranged. When you rent a car in Slovakia, the electronic vignette is usually included, but it is still wise to check this beforehand.

For rental cars that are registered in another country, the toll vignette is often not arranged by the rental company and you must sort this yourself. Therefore, it is recommended to always first consult with the rental company.

Fine if you do not have a vignette for Slovakia

When your vehicle does not have a valid e-vignette, you can expect a fine of about € 140. This fine will be sent to your home automatically. The e-vignette is checked with an advanced camera system. These smart cameras, which are strategically placed along the highways, make this possible. Thanks to these cameras, license plates can be scanned and verified immediately. If the vehicle owner does not have a valid registration for an e-vignette, he will be irrevocably fined, which is much higher than the price of the vignette itself.

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NJ Vignette B.V. is an intermediary and applies for the vignette on your behalf and in your name. NJ Vignette B.V. charges a commission for this.

An agreement is concluded between you and the official authority of the relevant country that issues the vignette, with regard to the vignette requirement.

All prices on our website are including vat.

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