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Applying vignette Bulgaria

Start the application process for your vignette below. You can have the required vignettes calculated automatically based on your arrival and departure date, or choose the vignettes yourself.

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Delivery time

In most case the delivery time is within one hour. Express processing is possible.

Official vignette for Bulgaria

The vignette will be delivered by BGtoll, the Bulgarian road authority.

Vignette Bulgaria online

An electronic vignette is mandatory in Bulgaria. This applies to both cars, motorhomes or caravans driving on main roads and motorways. Only motorcycles do not have to have a vignette. The digital vignette is linked to the registration number of your vehicle and is scanned via a camera system.

Price vignette Bulgaria

Vignet Bulgarije

Check out the prices for:
Weekvignet Bulgarije
Fees: €7.67
Service fee: €7.28
Total price: €14.95
Maandvignet Bulgarije
Fees: €16.00
Service fee: €6.95
Total price: €22.95
3 maanden vignet Bulgarije
Fees: €36.00
Service fee: €8.95
Total price: €44.95
Jaarvignet Bulgarije
Fees: €96.00
Service fee: €23.95
Total price: €119.95

Types of vignettes for Bulgaria

There is only one e-vignette for Bulgaria, the so-called electronic vignette. The vignette is available for the following periods:

  • 7-day vignette for Bulgaria

  • Monthly vignette for Bulgaria

  • 90-day vignette for Bulgaria

  • Annual vignette for Bulgaria

Overview of the toll roads in Bulgaria

Toll roads in Bulgaria

Important toll roads in Bulgaria

  1. Trakia motorway: connects the city of Sofia with the southern coastal towns

  2. Hemus motorway: connects the city of Sofia with the Black Sea coast and the northeast of the country

  3. Struma motorway: connects the city of Sofia with the city of Blagoevgrad

  4. Maritsa motorway: connects the city of Plovdiv with the Turkish border

Where do you have to pay additional toll charges

There are a number of bridges and ferries where you have to pay additional toll charges to use them. The regular e-vignette is therefore not sufficient for this.

Toll bridges in Bulgaria

You must also pay toll charges for the following bridges in Bulgaria:

  1. Across the Danube at the border crossings with Romania

  2. Vidin - Calafat, Romania

  3. Ruse - Giurgiu, Romania


  1. Oryahovo – Bechet

  2. Nicopol – Turnu Măgurele

  3. Svishtov – Zimnicea

  4. Silistra – Calarasi

How does the toll system work in Bulgaria?

The control system for electronic toll vignettes in Bulgaria works through cameras placed along the toll roads. The cameras record the registration number of each vehicle using the toll roads and cross-check the registration number against the database of vehicles that have purchased a valid vignette. If a vehicle does not have a valid vignette, the owner will be fined.

Delivery time of the vignette for Bulgaria

When you order the e-vignette for Bulgaria on our website, you will immediately receive an order confirmation by email. If necessary, print it out so that you can always hand over proof of payment if this is necessary during your trip through Bulgaria.

How to order an e-vignette for Bulgaria?

  1. Select the type of vehicle

  2. Select “Calculate automatically” of “Order individual vignettes”

  3. Enter the start date

  4. Enter the end date

  5. Compare the options and select the best option

  6. Click "Add to shopping cart"

  7. Enter your details

  8. Pay the amount safe and quick

  9. Receive the digital vignette from us.

Toll vignette for Bulgaria for rental cars

When you rent a car in Bulgaria, it usually comes with a valid e-vignette. If you rent a car that is not registered in Bulgaria, you must buy the correct vignette yourself.

Fine for driving without a vignette in Bulgaria

If you do not have a vignette and use the roads in Bulgaria, you risk a fine. The amount of the fine is between €150 and €1,500. When you have an electronic vignette for Bulgaria, you can prove that you have paid road tax. In the local currency this amounts to around 300 BGN and 3000 BGN. The amount of the fine depends on the type of vehicle.

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NJ Vignette B.V. is an intermediary and applies for the vignette on your behalf and in your name. NJ Vignette B.V. charges a commission for this.

An agreement is concluded between you and the official authority of the relevant country that issues the vignette, with regard to the vignette requirement.

All prices on our website are including vat.

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