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Official vignette for Switserland

The vignette will be delivered by the Swiss road authority.

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In most case the delivery time is within one hour. Express processing is possible.

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Swiss motorway vignette

In Switzerland you require a vignette for passenger cars, motorhomes, trucks and motorcycles with a maximum weight of 3500 kilos. You must buy an additional vignette for trailers and caravans. Since 1 August you can also buy a digital vignette for Switzerland. Your registration number will be registered in the database of the Swiss Road Authority so you can immediately use the toll roads in Switzerland.

Finally: the digital vignette for Switzerland is a fact!

The digital vignette for Switzerland is the successor of the adhesive sticker where your car’s registration number will be registered directly in the database of the Swiss Road Authority. You can easily and quickly order the digital motorway vignette so you can also save some time.

Below we will explain the conditions for the Swiss e-vignette, where can you buy the digital vignette, how long the digital vignette is valid and for which motorways or bridges or tunnels do you have to pay additional toll charges.

Self adhesive vignette or digital vignette for Switzerland

The Swiss adhesive sticker has been used for many years and is send to you by post within a few days. You cannot buy the adhesive stickers through us.

If you are going to travel shortly, buying a digital vignette is just that little bit easier. You can even buy the digital vignette with your mobile phone while on the road in Germany. With just a few clicks and a little information, the e-vignette is immediately available.

Adhesive sticker Switserland The digital vignette for Switzerland has been available since 1 August 2023. You no longer require an adhesive sticker.

Where are the Swiss toll roads?

In general, you can say that you must pay toll charges for all Swiss roads, both the motorways and provincial roads. There are hardly any toll-free roads or toll-free streets in Switzerland. Driving without an e-vignette is extremely risky.

Tollroads Switserland Exceptions

Additional toll charges must be paid at the Great Sint Bernard Tunnel and the Munt La Schera tunnel. You can pay the toll charges at the local toll booths. These tunnels are not connected with motorways that are part of the vignette requirement.

Vignette requirement and which vehicles does it concern?

There is a vignette requirement in Switzerland for all motor vehicles and motorcycles with a maximum weight of 3500 kilos.

Additional vignette for trailer or caravan?

If you are travelling with a trailer or caravan with its own registration number, you will need an additional vignette. You can select this during the application process.

Vehicles exempt from the toll requirement

There is no vignette requirement for trailers behind a motorcycle or trike.

Report requirement for heavy vehicles

There is no vignette requirement for motor vehicles heavier than 3500 kg but the 'Schwerverkehrsabgabe' must be paid. You can use the ‘Via’ app for this or the form issued by the Swiss customs. Users of the heavy vehicle rate you choose between different release periods in the app. But what they all have in common is that you must indicate the day before whether payment will be made the next day. Anyone who forgets this can expect a hefty fine.

How long is the vignette for Switzerland valid

Unlike other European countries, Switzerland only issues one digital vignette with a validity of one year. In fact, you receive a digital vignette that is valid for 14 months. The duration of the e-vignette is from 1 December of the previous year up to 31 January of the following year. The Swiss 2024 e-vignette is valid from 1 December 2023 up to 31 January 2025. If you buy your digital vignette before 1 December, it will be valid for the remainer of the year and up to 31 January 2024.

Is the vignette immediately valid?

After you have applied for the digital vignette, you will receive the confirmation from us via email that your vignette is valid. From that moment you can immediately use the Swiss toll road. Even if you are already on the road, you can buy your vignette online with your mobile phone.

Cost of swiss vignette

Check out the prices for
Digital vignette Switzerland 2024
Fees: €42.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €49.95
Digital vignette Switzerland 2024 (trailer)
Fees: €42.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €49.95
Rapid processing (within 30 minutes)
Fees: €0.00
Service fee: €3.95
Total price: €3.95

How does our order process work?

  • Select the category of your vehicle and the type of vignette.
  • Select the validity period of your e-vignette.
  • Enter your registration number and a valid email address.
  • Pay securely with iDeal, PayPal, a bank transfer of credit card.
  • After that, we will apply for your e-vignette. After you have received the digital vignette, you can travel immediately.

Sales points

Like the adhesive sticker, the digital vignette can be bought at several sales point. Below we will explain the options to you.


You can also order the Swiss adhesive sticker at the ADAC (Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil Club). You can also buy a digital vignette at the ADAC.

Other sales points

The adhesive sticker is also available at the various Swiss border crossings, Swiss post offices and petrol stations. The vignette is also available from the Swiss traffic authority, where you can only pay by credit card.

Buying a digital vignette via

  • Ordering your vignette takes no more than two minutes.
  • You will receive your purchase confirmation within 5 minutes.
  • You can pay securely with iDeal, credit card or PayPal.
  • Your registration number will be registered with the official digital vignette.
  • Your journey will go smoother with your vignetted ordered online.

Driving in Switzerland without a valid vignette

Switzerland has no camera surveillance for checking toll requirement. This check is only carried out by the police and a few customs employees appointed for this purpose. If you are caught during a check that you do not have a valid toll vignette, you will receive a hefty fine of at least € 205.00. You must also buy the annual vignette. If you cannot pay for this immediately, additional costs will often be charged.

Misuse of the e-vignette

If you misuse the e-vignette, you will be severely punished. If you use an e-vignette from another car or have deliberately manipulated the registration number or you use an annual vignette from another year, you must expect hefty fines.

Vignette for rental cars

If you are travelling to Switzerland with a rental car then you must always check whether the toll requirement has been met. The toll vignette is usual included when you rent a car in Switzerland. For a journey without any problems, it is wise to inform yourself in advance.

If the car has not been rented in Switzerland, the toll vignette is usually not arranged by the rental company. Always check with the rental company!

Passing through?

Switzerland borders 5 European countries: France, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein and Germany and is not only a holiday destination but also a 'transit country' for travellers to another country.

If you are going to visit other countries, please note that other countries also require a digital vignette or environmental sticker.

Please note that you can use our service to request e-vignettes for all other countries where tolls and vignettes are required. This way you are assured of a carefree trip.

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