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Delivery time

In most case the delivery time is within one hour. Express processing is possible.

Official vignette for Austria

The vignette will be delivered by Asfinag, the Austria road authority.

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Vignette for Austria

In order to use the main roads in Austria, you must buy a vignette for Austria. Fortunately, it is very simple to apply for an ‘Autobahnvignet’ for Austria. You can simply order the vignette online: it is a digital vignette. Normally, you will receive the vignette within one hour from ASFINAG, the official Austrian Road Authority.

There are a number of exceptions to the vignette requirement, but the vignette is required for the main roads. In addition to the vignette requirement, you also have to pay extra toll charges for some roads: the section toll.

Digital vignette for Austria

The vignette for Austria is now available as a digital vignette. So, buying a vignette for Austria is now much easier.! You only need the registration number of your vehicle to apply for a vignette. The application process is completely digital. You will also receive the vignette digitally.

Your registration number will be registered in the Austrian system, after which you have met all the requirements to use the Austrian toll roads.

The vignette for Austria is available with different validity periods. Currently, you can buy the following vignettes from ASFINAG:

  • One-day vignette for Austria
  • 10-day vignette for Austria
  • 2-month vignette for Austria
  • Annual vignette for Austria 2023

From 2024, you can buy a one-day vignette for Austria. This vignette is especially interesting for travellers who only travel through Austria and do not stay in Austria itself.

Validity of the 2024 annual vignette for Austria

The annual vignette for Austria is valid in 2024 from 01-12-2023 up to 31/01/2025. This means the vignette is actually valid for fourteen months.

Validity of the one-day, 10-day and 2-month vignette for Austria

In addition to the annual vignette, you can also buy a vignette for one day, ten days and two months. These vignettes are valid from the moment these are issued, until one day, ten days or two months after issue, respectively. On the last day of validity, this vignette is valid until 11:59:59 PM.

An overview of all toll road

In Austria you must have a valid vignette for all main roads. On the map below, you can see all the roads for which a vignette is required. This map also shows in green where section toll must be paid in addition to a vignette.

Exceptions from the toll requirement

There are a number of roads that you can use without a valid vignette for Austria. So, you will not need a valid vignette of digital toll vignette for Austria for these roads. These toll-free roads are:

Toll roads Austria on map Additional toll requirement

In addition to the vignette, you must also pay section toll for some roads, bridges and tunnels. You have the choice of purchasing a single, return or annual ticket for these sections. If you use our route planner, we will automatically calculate what you require.

These are the sections for which you have to pay additional toll charges:

  • A9 Pyhrn motorway (Bosruck tunnel)
  • A9 Pyhrn motorway (Gleinalm tunnel)
  • A10 Tauern motorway (Tauern-Katschberg)
  • A11 Karawanks motorway (Karawanks tunnel)
  • A13 Brenner motorway (Gleinalm tunnel)
  • S16 Arlberg expressway (Arlberg tunnel)

Buying a vignette for Austria

You can buy various types of vignettes for Austria. The easiest is to buy a digital vignette for Austria. You can order this vignette online. It is linked to the registration number of your car and you do not have to stick it on the car.

Ordering a vignette for Austria trough

You can order your vignette through us in 4 steps via the ASFINAG webshop. It will only take you five minutes to buy a vignette and you will receive it directly by email.

Our method has already been proven itself many times. Below you will find the four steps of the application process:

1.  Automatically or manually

1. Decide whether you want to select the vignette yourself or have us calculate it automatically.

2.  Departure and return date

2. Enter the departure and return date for your journey and also select the vehicle you are travelling with.

3.  Calculation

3. We calculate which vignette suits you best. We select the cheapest vignette for you based on your travel dates and the selected vehicle.

4.  Complete

4. Enter your email address and the car registration number, complete the payment and often you will receive the digital vignette by email within one hour.

Price of the vignette for Austria

There are various vignettes and sections for which you have to pay toll charges. Below you can see the prices for the various vignettes and sections.


The price of the vignette for Austria depends on the validity period of the vignette. The prices are also different for cars and motorcycles.

We apply for the vignette on your behalf and in your name in the ASFINAG webshop. The prices consist of the costs in the ASFINAG webshop and the service costs that we charge for placing and executing the order.

Below you can check the prices per vignette and vehicle.

Check out the prices for
Digital 1-day vignette for Austria
Fees: €8.60
Service fee: €7.85
Total price: €16.45
Digital 10-day vignette for Austria
Fees: €11.50
Service fee: €7.45
Total price: €18.95
Rapid processing (within 30 minutes)
Fees: €0.00
Service fee: €3.95
Total price: €3.95

Section toll prices

For the section toll you will pay a different amount for a single journey or a return ticket. On the A11 you only pay section toll when you drive south. Below you can check out the prices per section.

Check out the prices for
A9 Pyhrn / Bosruck tunnel (1 trip)
Fees: €6.50
Service fee: €7.45
Total price: €13.95
A9 Pyhrn / Bosruck tunnel (return trip)
Fees: €13.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €20.95
A9 Pyhrn / Gleinalm tunnel (1 trip)
Fees: €10.50
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €18.45
A9 Pyhrn / Gleinalm tunnel (return trip)
Fees: €21.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €28.95
A11 Karawanken southbound (1 trip)
Fees: €7.80
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €15.75
A13 Brenner motorway (1 trip)
Fees: €11.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €18.95
A13 Brenner motorway (return trip)
Fees: €22.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €29.95

Vignette check and fine in case of violation

ASFINAG, together with police and customs officials, checks compliance with the vignette requirement. Cameras will be used at various locations to check whether you have a valid vignette. You can therefore assume that you will receive a fine if you do not have a valid vignette.

Driving without a valid vignette for the car will cost you € 120. Driving a motorcycle without a vignette will cost you €65.

FAQ vignette for Austria

Below you can check the most frequently asked questions regarding the vignette for Austria. Is your question about the vignette for Austria not listed? Please send us an email with your question to

On your way to another destination?

Austria borders 8 European countries: Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Slovakia and Liechtenstein and is not only a holiday country but also a 'transit country' with travellers on their way elsewhere.

In addition to Austria, other countries also use an e-vignette. You also need a digital vignette in some other countries if you are going to use the road network. We offer all these electronic vignettes. The following countries, like Austria, use an e-vignette: Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia.

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NJ Vignette B.V. is an intermediary and applies for the vignette on your behalf and in your name. NJ Vignette B.V. charges a commission for this.

An agreement is concluded between you and the official authority of the relevant country that issues the vignette, with regard to the vignette requirement.

All prices on our website are including vat.

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