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Delivery time

In most case the delivery time is within one hour. Express processing is possible.

Official vignette for Romania

The vignette will be delivered by Roviniete, the Romania road authority.

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Buy vignette for Romania online

All main roads in Romania are toll roads. The electronic toll vignette (rovinieta) is mandatory on these roads for all motor vehicles, except for motorcycles. You can easily buy the vignette for Romania online and it is instantly valid. After purchase, it will be linked to your license plate and is then registered in the Romania database. Now you can use the toll roads without having to worry!

Validity vignette for Romania

There are four types of vignettes for Romania:

  1. A weekly vignette (valid for 7 days)
  2. A monthly vignette (valid for 30 days)
  3. A three-month vignette (valid for 90 days)
  4. An annual vignette (valid for 365 days)

How much does the vignette for Romania cost?

  • A weekly vignette costs 13.49 Romanian Leu (RON), approximately € 3.
  • A monthly vignette costs 31.45 RON, approximately € 7.
  • A vignette for 90 days costs 58.41 RON, approximately € 13.
  • An annual vignette costs 125.81 RON, approximately € 28.
  • Motorcycles do not require an vignette.

We have clearly set out the structure of the costs for the vignette in the table below. You can choose from different motor vehicles.

Check out the prices for
1 day digital vignette Romania
Fees: €2.50
Service fee: €6.00
Total price: €8.50
10 day digital vignette Romania
Fees: €3.30
Service fee: €6.65
Total price: €9.95
30 day digital vignette Romania
Fees: €5.30
Service fee: €7.65
Total price: €12.95
60 day digital vignette Romania
Fees: €8.40
Service fee: €9.55
Total price: €17.95
Digital annual vignette Romania
Fees: €28.00
Service fee: €3.95
Total price: €31.95

Delivery time vignette Romania

The vignette is valid immediately, you can even buy the vignette online during your trip to Romania. We can process your vignette up to 30 days before departure. We can deliver the vignette within 15 minutes for an urgent request.

Additional toll charges for bridges in Romania

Additional toll charges should be paid for some bridges over the Danube, on top of the vignette. This applies to the following bridges:

WegnummersBrug tussen
DN56, E79Calafat en Vedin, Bulgarije
DN5, E70, E85Giurgiu en Rose, Bulgarije
A2, E81Fetesti en Cernavoda
DN2a, E60Giurgeni en Vadu Oii

Here you can read more about what you should take into account when traveling to Romania by car.

Is a vignette required when I rent a car?

Rental cars you rent in Romania, often come with the right vignette. Is the rental car registered in another country? Then you must buy the toll vignette and link it to the relevant license plate.  

Fine in Romania if you do not have a vignette

In Romania, cameras detect the license plates to check whether these are linked to a valid vignette. So, if you do not have the right vignette? You will receive a fine that can amount to € 1,000. In addition, the traffic police also check the vehicle’s license plates. In that case, drivers also risk a fine of approximately €50 to almost €1,000.

How to order the e-vignette for Romania?

  1. Go to the home page.
  2. Enter your place/country of departure and arrival.
  3. Click "view and order products" in the left column.
  4. Select your vehicle and travel date.
  5. Our website automatically recognises which vignette you require (7 days, 30 days, 90 days or one year).
  6. Remove any unnecessary products.
  7. All products required for your car journey will be automatically displayed.
  8. Enter your details.
  9. Complete the order by paying via iDeal or Mister Cash.

Toll charges in Europe

If you are going to travel through Europe by car, you will not only need a digital vignette for Romania. Several countries have a vignette requirement and some countries ask for an environmental sticker. The vignette requirement applies to Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia. Germany and France have introduced the environmental sticker. If you are passing through there is a good change that you must have a vignette or an environmental sticker. You can see a clear overview on our page

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NJ Vignette B.V. is an intermediary and applies for the vignette on your behalf and in your name. NJ Vignette B.V. charges a commission for this.

An agreement is concluded between you and the official authority of the relevant country that issues the vignette, with regard to the vignette requirement.

All prices on our website are including vat.

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