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In most case the delivery time of the invoice is within one and three business days.

Official crit'air sticker

The crit'air sticker is provided by the ministère de la Transition écologique, France's road authority.

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Buy an crit'air sticker for France

Just like many countries , France also has emission zones (Zone de Protection de l'Air) for certain cities. If you stay on the motorway, you as a driver do not have to take any notice. If you drive into a large city, you must often have an crit'air sticker.

The crit'air sticker is officially called 'certificat qualité de l'air' in French, or the CQA. In many cases it is also called 'pastille Crit'Air' or 'vignette Crit'Air'. On this page you can read all the environmental regulations that apply in France and you can easily order the emission sticker online.

Is an crit'air sticker mandatory in France?

An crit'air sticker is mandatory in many big cities in France. For example, Paris, Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux, Grenoble, Rennes. The crit'air sticker is mandatory here on working days between 08:00 AM and 08:00 PM.

In other cities, the sticker is only mandatory during smog periods, e.g. in Marseille, Annecy, Chambéry, Clermont-Ferrand, Dijon, Montpellier, Grenoble, Orléans, Pau, Reims, Strasbourg, Valence and Toulouse.

In addition, an emission sticker is also mandatory in certain municipalities such as Isère, Drôme, Haute-Garonne and Puy-de-Dôme.

France has two types of emission zones

  1. Low Emission Zone (ZFE)
  2. Temporary emission Zone (ZPA)

This simply means that every city or municipality can decide at any time to establish a permanent or temporary emission zone.

Where in France is the crit'air sticker mandatory?

This map clearly shows in which cities in France an emission sticker is mandatory:

Buy an environmental sticker for France

As you can see on the map, only the central areas of the big cities fall within the emission zone. Compare it with a city like Amsterdam. The moment you enter the ring road of Amsterdam, you are in the emission zone and different rules apply. For example, a car that runs on diesel is not allowed to enter this area.

The following image clearly shows what such an area looks like in a city like Paris:

Buy an environmental sticker for Paris
What are the crit'air sticker for France?

Buy an environmental sticker for France The colours of the environmental stickers for France have the following meaning:

  • Green crit'air sticker > Category 0: the green sticker is for the cleanest vehicles that run on electricity or hydrogen. With a green crit'air sticker you can enter every French environmental zone.
  • Purple scrit'air sticker > Category 1: this includes most cars. The purple crit'air sticker is intended for vehicles that run on LPG, hybrid engines or a petrol engine that meets the Euro standards. You can drive in most emission zones with a purple crit'air sticker.
  • Yellow crit'air sticker > Category 2: the yellow sticker is for older vehicles with petrol or diesel engines. With the yellow crit'air sticker you are not allowed to drive in a number of emission zones in France.
  • Orange crit'air sticker> Category 3: This crit'air sticker is for even older vehicles with petrol or diesel engines. With the orange crit'air sticker you are not allowed to enter many emission zones in France by car.
  • Dark red crit'air sticker > Category 4: This crit'air sticker is  for older diesel vehicles and motorcycles. With dark red, almost all emission zones in France are not accessible.
  • Grey crit'air sticker > Category 5: The grey crit'air sticker is for diesel vehicles and motorcycles that are very polluting. With this sticker you are only allowed to enter a few (emission zone) Zone de Protection de l'Air)zones.

The colour of the sticker also indicates how polluting a vehicle is: the green colour is the most environmentally friendly and the grey the least.

Which crit'air sticker do I need for France?

There are three factors that determine the category of your vehicle, namely: the year of manufacture, the type of vehicle and the CO2 emissions of the vehicle (Euro standard). This includes the following emission stickers:

ColorVehicleYear vehicle
Green environmental stickerVolledig elektrische motorn.v.t.
Purple environmental stickerEuro 5 or 6 gasoline engine(2011 of later)
Yellow environmental stickerEuro 4 gasoline engine(2006 – 2010)
Orange environmental stickerEuro 2 of Euro 3 gasoline engine(1997 – 2005)
Red environmental stickerEuro 3 diesel engine(2001 – 2005)
Grey environmental stickerEuro 2 diesel engine(1 juli 1997 – 2000)

Order an crit'air sticker for France

You can easily do this via our website. Ordering the right emission sticker for France from us has the following benefits:

  • You will receive a valid receipt within 1-3 working days you can travel with
  • One of the cheapest suppliers of the france crit'air sticker
  • We check the added license plate scan for quality
  • You will receive the crit'air sticker for France within 2 - 3 weeks at the postal address you provided.
  • You can pay easily and quickly with Paypal, Ideal or with a credit card.
  • English application form

How much does the crit'air sticker for France cost?

The emission sticker for France only costs € 14,50 including shipping costs. Order the emession badge easily online. You will receive a valid receipt within 1 to 3 working days so you can enter the emission zones.

Buy an crit'air sticker for France urgently?

In principle, it is not possible to buy an crit'air sticker for France urgently. The sticker will be sent by post from France and it will take a few weeks. You may drive WITHOUT an emission sticker, but then you will need the proof of payment that you receive from us as proof that you have purchased the sticker. This is accepted as proof that you have purchased a sticker for the registration number of your car.

Checking the crit'air sticker in France

In France they do not yet use a license plate check to check whether your vehicle has the right crit'air sticker. In the Netherlands, your car's license plate is automatically scanned when you enter an emission zone. Does your vehicle not meet the conditions? Then you will receive a fine at home.  

But in France, it works differently. You really need to be stopped by a police officer, who can then fine you. The French police have been checking this more strictly in recent years. For example, they regularly carry out large-scale checks where drivers drive into a trap and are checked.

Apply for an crit'air badge for France

You can quickly and simply apply for your emission badge for France online. Just fill in some details and the crit'air sticker will be sent to your home. 

What is the delivery time of the crit'air sticker?

The delivery time for the emission sticker for France is currently 3-4 weeks, depending on the delivery of the French government. If you are going on a trip and you have not yet received the sticker, you can travel with the invoice that you will receive in your mailbox within 1-3 working days after your application. You can print the invoice and place it in front of your window as proof of purchase. This is valid proof until the official sticker arrives.

Where should you affix the crit'air sticker for France?

You must affix the environmental sticker for France on the bottom right-hand side on the inside of the windscreen of your vehicle. The sticker has the same lifespan as that of your vehicle. Therefore, you do not require a new emission sticker every year.

Fine if you do not have an crit'air sticker

When your vehicle does not have the right sticker, you may be fined when you enter an emission zone in France. This fine will be €68 for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds.

Trucks and buses can expect a fine of €135. You must pay this fine within 45 days. If you fail to do so, the amount of the fine will rise sharply to € 180 and then € 375.

Validity of the crit'air sticker for France

The sticker for France is linked to your license plate and has no end date. For example, you can continue to use a sticker that you purchased in 2019 as long as your vehicle is on the road.

When is an crit'air sticker for France required?

The sticker for France is only required when you enter an emission zone. Are you staying on the motorway? Then you do not need to have the crit'air sticker.

Are you traveling in a French rental car?

Cars rented in France usually have the right crit'air sticker Is the car registered in another country? Then you must still provide it with the right badge when you enter emission zone.

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