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Official vignette Slovenia

The vignette will be delivered by Dars, the Slovenia road authority.

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Slovenia vignette

The vignette (also called E-Vinjeta) is required for motorised vehicles with a weight lower than 3.5 tons if you want to use the motorways and expressways in Slovenia. You will not have to buy an additional vignette for caravans and trailers with a joint weight below 3.5 tons. Vehicles with a weight over 3.5 tons must use the toll box. The digital vignette is linked to the registration number and can simply be bought online with iDeal, PayPal or a credit card.

Why a vignette Slovenia?

Slovenia has introduced the e-vignette to cover the costs of maintaining the motorways in Slovenia.

Is there only the digital vignette for Slovenia?

Yes, the toll vignette for Slovenia is only available as a digital vignette. You no longer need to affix a vignette to your windscreen.

How does the digital vignette for Slovenia work?

Your registration number will be registered immediately in the central Slovenian database which is responsible for enforcing the vignette requirement and issuing the digital vignettes (DARS).

For which roads do you require a toll vignette?

In Slovenia you will require a vignette for almost all motorways. All roads marked with an “A” and “H” are subject to toll charges and you will require a valid e-vignette for these roads.

Motorways (Avtoceste)

You will require an electronic vignette for the following motorways:

A1Šentilj (Austrian border) – Maribor – Celje – Ljubljana – Postojna – Koper241.4 km
A2Karawanken tunnel (toll road) – Kranj – Ljubljana – Novo mesto – Brežice – Obrežje173,00 km
A3Divača A1 – Fernetiči (Italian border) – RA1411,7 km
A4Slivnica – Hajdina – Draženci – Gruškovje (Croatian border)33,7 km
A5Dragučova – Beltinci – Murska Sobota – Pince (Hungarian border) – M7080,9 km

Expressways (Hitre Ceste)

There are currently 5 regional roads in Slovenia for which you require a digital vignette. In recent years, the status of some roads has been changed. Some have become motorways and others have lost this status and have been changed into regional roads.

H3Section of the Ljubljana ring road, connection between A1 and A211,1 km
H4Razdrto A1 – Nanos – Ajdovščina – Vrtojba (Italian border) 42,8 km
H5Škofije (Italian border) – Dekani – Koper H6 – Dragonja (Croatian border) – A97,8 km
H6Koper – Lucija – Portorož5,4 km
H7Črni dol A5 – Dolga vas (Hungarian border) 4,0 km

Map toll roads

Overview toll roads where an electronic vignette is mandatory:

Vignette Karawanken tunnel?

Most people enter Slovenia through the Karawanks tunnel. Please note that the costs for using the Karawanks tunnel are not included in your vignette price. You can only pay the toll charges for the Karawanks tunnel as a single journey.

Toll-free roads

The following regional roads are toll-free. You will not require a vignette for these roads:

Regional roadRoute
A2The A2 in the north of Rosenbach Austria to Hrušica. The motorway runs through the Karawanken Tunnel on the Austrian-Slovenian border.
H6Section of the H6 motorway between Koper-Semedela and Koper Lucija.
H1The H1 was redesigned as a regional road in the section between Pesnica and Tezno.
H2The H2 has become a toll-free regional road.

Where can I buy a vignette for Slovenia?

There are various ways to buy the vignette for Slovenia. We recommend that you simply buy the official vignette online at You can also buy the vignette through the Slovenia Road Authority ‘Dars’ or on the way at various petrol stations, supermarkets, kiosks or post offices in the border area of Slovenia.

Explanation of different toll classes

There are 3 different toll classes:

  • Toll class 1
    This toll class applies to motorcycles and scooters. The vehicles in toll class 1 are single-track vehicles.
  • Toll class 2A
  • Car or motorhome < 3.5 T: This class includes vehicles with a height of up to 1.30 meters above the ground at the front axle, as well as mobile homes with permanent living space.
  • Toll class 2B
  • High vehicle - > 1.3 M front axle: This class includes vehicles with a permissible gross weight of less than 3.5 tons, but which reach a height of more than 1.30 meters above the ground at the front axle.

Price vignette

The price of a vignette is determined by vehicleclass and the duration of use:

Check out the prices for
Week vignette Slovenia (2A)
Fees: €16.00
Service fee: €8.95
Total price: €24.95
Digital week Vignette Slovenia (2B)
Fees: €32.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €39.95
Month vignette Slovenia (2A)
Fees: €32.00
Service fee: €12.95
Total price: €44.95
Digital month Vignette Slovenia (2B)
Fees: €64.10
Service fee: €10.85
Total price: €74.95
Digital annual vignette Slovenia (2A)
Fees: €117.50
Service fee: €12.45
Total price: €129.95
Digital annual Vignette Slovenia (2B)
Fees: €235.00
Service fee: €14.95
Total price: €249.95
Rapid processing (within 30 minutes)
Fees: €0.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €7.95

My vehicle weighs more than 3.5 tons

If your vehicle weighs more than 3.5 tons, then you must use a toll box. The toll is calculated afterwards based on the number of kilometres driven on Slovenia's toll roads. The amount of the toll depends on which toll class your vehicle belongs to. You can apply for this so-called 'DarsGo system' here.

Validity vignette

You can buy a toll vignette for Slovenia with different validity periods. You can choose from the following options:

  • Weekly vignette
  • Monthly vignette
  • Yearly vignette

The 365-day vignette is valid from 1 December of the previous year to 31 January of the following year. You can apply for the yearly vignette at any time but it is possible that the 365-day vignette will no longer be valid for a full year.

Can I still change my registration number?

You can transfer the vignette to another registration number as long as this vehicle has the same toll class. Changes can only be made via the DARS website if the effective date of the vignette has not yet started.

Can I transfer my vignette to another vehicle?

Unfortunately, we cannot transfer your vignette to another type of vehicle.


Fine for not having a vignette

Make sure you have bought the required vignette for your vehicle. Otherwise, you might get a hefty fine between €300 and €800. To save yourself unnecessary costs and headaches, it is best not to take any risks and be in the possession of a valid digital vignette as soon as you cross the Slovenian border.


The Slovenian motorways and expressways are carefully managed by the Motorway Operating Company, DARS. If you cross the Slovenian border with your car, your registration number will be scanned by cameras and your registration number will be compared with the database and it will be checked whether you have complied with the vignette requirement.

On your way to another destination?

The Republic of Slovenia borders 4 European countries. For these countries you must also be in possession of a valid vignette. The following countries also use a digital vignette to finance the costs of maintaining the road network:

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An agreement is concluded between you and the official authority of the relevant country that issues the vignette, with regard to the vignette requirement.

All prices on our website are including vat.

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