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In most case the delivery time is within one hour. Express processing is possible

Official vignette Slovenia

The vignette will be delivered by Dars, the Slovenia road authority.

Buy 2023 vignette for Slovenia online

You are required to have a valid vignette when you are travelling through Slovenia by car. The so-called toll vignette is mandatory and you can easily order it online so you can use the roads without having to worry. But which vignette do you need exactly? Which routes include toll roads? And how much does it cost to buy the e-vignette online? Here you can read all the information you need in 2023 about the vignette for Slovenia.

Which e-vignette for Slovenia do you need?

The e-vignette is a toll vignette that is required for all motorways and expressways in Slovenia and is available in two different tariff classes (class 1 and class 2B), suitable for all motorised vehicles, ranging from passenger cars, motorhomes to motorcycles. You can buy this e-vignette for one week, one month, six months or even one year - depending on your travel plans.

Tol vignette for Slovenia

Tariff Classes

  • Class 1: A single-track motor vehicle (motorcycle) or Class 2A: a two-track vehicle, a car with a height not exceeding 1.30 m (measured at the front axle) or a motorhome (regardless of the height at the front axle). Please note: this requirement applies to vehicles with a maximum permitted mass of up to 3500 kg.

  • Class 2B: Two-track vehicles (cars) with a maximum permitted mass of 3500 kg and a height of more than 1.30 m (measured at the front axle). You do not need a separate toll vignette for a caravan and trailers that are towed behind a motor vehicle with a maximum permitted weight of 3500 kg, the toll vignette of the towing vehicle is sufficient.

  • All vehicles over 3500 kg must have a toll badge.

If you only intend to drive on local roads, it is still highly recommended to buy a toll vignette. Despite your best intentions, it's easy to accidentally end up on a toll road without obvious warning signs. To avoid fines, buy a toll vignette for the greatest possible protection.

The police routinely check the toll roads, so those who do not have a valid toll vignette or badge can expect a hefty fine.

Please note that the cost of the passage through the Karawanks tunnel is not included in your vignette price.

Price of the vignette for Slovenia

The following prices apply to the e-vignette for Slovenia:

Vignet Slovenië

Check out the prices for:
Weekvignet Slovenië (2A)
Fees: €16.00
Service fee: €8.95
Total price: €24.95
Weekvignet Slovenië (2B)
Fees: €32.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €39.95
Maandvignet Slovenië (2A)
Fees: €32.00
Service fee: €12.95
Total price: €44.95
Maandvignet Slovenië (2B)
Fees: €64.10
Service fee: €10.85
Total price: €74.95
Jaarvignet Slovenië (2A)
Fees: €117.50
Service fee: €12.45
Total price: €129.95
Jaarvignet Slovenië (2B)
Fees: €235.00
Service fee: €14.95
Total price: €249.95
Rapid processing (within 30 minutes)
Fees: €0.00
Service fee: €7.95
Total price: €7.95
  • A weekly vignette is valid for seven consecutive days. For example, from Sunday 13 March till Saturday 19 March.

  • A monthly vignette is valid for the whole month. For example, from 13 March till 13 April.

  • A six-month vignette is valid for six consecutive months. For example, from 14 March till 14 September.

  • An annual vignette is valid for one year. For example, from 14 March 2023 till 14 March 2024.

Please note: If you drive to Slovenia from Germany, you should always bear in mind that as soon as you cross the border with your car, you will immediately need a digital vignette. Otherwise, you run the risk of being fined immediately, even if you have only driven a few meters without a vignette. To prevent this, our advice is to invest as soon as possible in a toll vignette that is easy to buy.

Buy a vignette for Slovenia in Croatia

Traveling to Slovenia from Croatia? Then you are required to have a vignette as soon as you cross the border of Slovenia. Make sure you leave nothing to chance. For your convenience, you can buy your e-vignette in the country you come from, on the way. But if you do not want to take any risk, apply for your e-vignette right away.

The process is really very simple: you only have to fill in the application form and select a weekly, monthly, six-month or annual vignette. Your purchase will be processed within 1-2 hours and a confirmation thereof will be sent to your mailbox. Apply today and make sure you are well prepared.

Fine for not having a vignette for Slovenia

Make sure that the required vignette is clearly visible under the windscreen of your car, otherwise you could receive a hefty fine of between €300 and €800. The height of the fine depends on the type of motor vehicle you drive. To save yourself the unnecessary costs and headaches, it is best to get active and invest in a valid vignette now.

Slovenia's motorways and expressways are closely managed by the Motorway Operating Company, also called DARS. It is their responsibility to ensure that Slovenian motorways run smoothly and toll roads are strictly monitored on a daily basis, so that the roads are safe for all drivers.

Toll badge for Slovenia

Tariff Classes

  • Class 3 and 4 vehicles, including trucks, buses and heavy motorhomes weighing more than 3500 kg.

  • Acquire toll badge.

  • Drivers of Class 3 and 4 vehicles are required to use the electronic toll system DarsGo by affixing a toll badge to the windshield of their vehicle.

  • You can buy your toll badge in one of the DARS service stations in Slovenia (for addresses, go to Registration costs are € 10.00

  • To register your vehicle, you must provide proof of the EURO emission class.

  • On the vehicle registration document  you will find "Environmental class EC approval V.9" which indicates the emission class.

  • If the emission class is missing from your vehicle registration document, additional documents may be required to purchase a DarsGo unit (go to, click on "How to acquire a DarsGo unit?"). An English Certificate of Conformity (CoC) must also be provided in accordance with European Directive 2007/46/EC. Although this rule is no longer officially in effect as of September 2020, it still applies to all related matters regarding DarsGo units.

  • You can request the certificate from the car manufacturer or its representative.

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