Travelling to Slovakia by car

It is possible to travel to Slovakia by car, but there are a few things to be aware of. You must have valid insurance for the car, e.g. a green card. You must also have a valid driving license and the car must be in a good condition. If you are traveling to Slovakia from a country other than the Netherlands, you must also have a valid ID with you, such as a passport or ID card.

Toll charges in Slovakia

Yes, you must pay toll charges in Slovakia to use the main motorways and expressways. You can only pay for these toll charges by buying an e-vignette. Here you can read how you can order an e-vignette for Slovakia.

Corona rules travellers by car

Below you will find the current rules that are applicable since February 2023:

  1. Health check: Upon arrival in Slovakia, travellers must fill out a health declaration and have their temperature taken.
  2. Quarantine: Dutch travellers who come from an area with a high number of COVID-19 infections may have to be quarantined.
  3. Face masks: Wearing face masks is mandatory in public places where social distancing is not possible, such as shops and public transport.
  4. Social distancing: Travellers must adhere to social distancing rules of at least 1.5 meters.
  5. Meetings: There are restrictions on the number of people in a group depending on the local situation.

Are there border checks in Slovakia?

There are currently no border checks within the European Union (EU), which Slovakia is part of. That means you can travel freely without stopping at formal border posts or customs checks between EU countries, including the Netherlands and Slovakia.

Best route to Slovakia by car

There are various routes you can take if you want to travel from the Netherlands to Slovakia by car. Below you will find a recommended route:

  1. Take the A12 to Germany and continue to Prague, Czech Republic via the A3.
  2. From Prague take the D1 towards Brno and on to Bratislava, Slovakia.
  3. From Bratislava you can continue your journey to your final destination in Slovakia.

Please remember that this route will take about 12 hours.

Which route will you take through Slovakia?

Below you will find some recommended route:

  • High Tatra: This route takes you past the most beautiful mountains and lakes in Slovakia, including the infamous Lake Strbske Pleso.
  • Little described villages and castles: This is a route through some of the most charming and lesser known villages and castles in Slovakia, such as Bojnice and Oravsky hrad.
  • Danube route: This route follows the course of the Danube and takes you past the most picturesque towns and villages in Slovakia, including Bratislava and Esztergom.
  • Beskydy route: This route through the Beskydy Mountains leads you past idyllic villages, vast forests and mountainous landscapes.

Regardless of which route you choose, Slovakia is a wonderful country to explore by car, with an incredible variety of landscapes, architecture and cultural attractions.

Travelling in Slovakia with an electric car

It is not known how many charging points there are in Slovakia. The situation is therefore very different from the one we know in the Netherlands. Most of the points where the electric car can be charged are located around the major cities. According to the latest figures, the capital Bratislava has about 100 charging points.

Mandatory to have in the car

There are a few things you must have in the car when you are driving in Slovakia.

  1. Valid driving license: each driver must have a valid driving license.
  2. Insurance: each car must be insured against liability. It is mandatory to have a valid insurance policy and the insurance document in the car with you.
  3. Car registration document: it is mandatory to have a valid car registration document of the car with you.
  4. Warning triangle: each car should carry a warning triangle in case of a breakdown or accident.
  5. Fire extinguisher: it is mandatory to have a valid fire extinguisher in the car.
  6. Safety belt: everyone in the car must wear a safety belt.
  7. Child safety seats: for children under 12 years old or smaller than 150 cm, it is mandatory to use a suitable child safety seat
  1. Toolbox: It is recommended to have a toolbox with basic tools, such as pliers, a flashlight and a wheel wrench, with you.
  2. First aid kit: It is recommended to have a first aid kit with you, in case of unexpected situations.

Refuelling your car in Slovakia

There are many petrol stations in the country, with the greatest concentration in the larger cities and along the motorways. Most petrol stations are open 24 hours a day and carry the most common types of fuel, such as petrol, diesel and LPG

Fuel prices in Slovakia 

Here is an overview of the average prices for the different types of fuel in Slovakia (last update 03-02-2023):

Petrol: The average price for a litre of petrol (Euro95) is approximately €1.584

Diesel: The average price of a litre of diesel is approximately €1.613

LPG: The average price of a litre of LPG is approximately €0.788

Naturally, the fuel price depends on the region, seasons, international oil prices and exchange rates.

Important traffic rules in Slovakia

The traffic rules in Slovakia can differ from those in the Netherlands, so it is important to prepare for these differences when driving in Slovakia. Here are some important traffic rules:

  1. Speed limit: The speed limit on motorways is 130 km/h, on normal ways 90 km/h, within built-up areas 50 km/h.
  2. Side of the road: In Slovakia you must drive on the right side of the road.
  3. Alcohol consumption: It is forbidden to drive with alcohol. The maximum permitted blood alcohol content is 0.1 mg/ml. A beer can already lead to a fine.
  4. Seat belt requirement: There is a seat belt requirement for the driver and the passengers.
  5. Making phone calls: It is forbidden to make phone calls while driving, unless you use a hands-free system.
  6. Children: Children under the age of 12 or smaller than 150 cm must be seated in a child seat.
  7. Lighting: It is mandatory to drive with the lights on when visibility is poor.

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