Travelling to Slovenia by car

There are a number of requirements when you drive through Slovenia by car. In this article you can read all the recommendations to ensure a lovely and carefree holiday in Slovenia. You can read about paying toll charges, the vignette, refuelling and other rules that apply to travelling through Slovenia.

Paying toll charges in Slovenia

If you use the motorway, you cannot avoid paying toll charges for your car in Slovenia. But you can quickly and simply obtain your vignette if you buy it online. Our website offers car vignettes for Slovenia that are valid for your vehicle: motorcycle, car, motorhome, car with caravan and heavier vehicles. With a few clicks and minimal effort you can choose between a 7-day or 1-year toll vignette pass.

Travelling to Slovenia by car during corona

Corona travel restrictions are not a problem in Slovenia as it now has green travel advice. This means that you can travel to Slovenia without having to worry; you don't have to quarantine on arrival or departure - you can just enjoy your holiday! Although face masks may still be provided in hospitals, there are no measures in public places across the country.

Driving in Slovenia

Driving in Slovenia is a lovely adventure, thanks to the excellent motorways that are well maintained and ensure safety. However, driving on the country's mountain roads can be unpredictable; winter damage is unavoidable but quickly repaired making it a perfect excuse to explore at a leisurely pace.

With the locals racing around, you may want to keep up the pace and feel the pressure building; don't be rushed and stop occasionally if you want to admire the scenic view.

Remember that the parking lots around Bled and Bohinj often fill up quickly in high season, so plan an early arrival or choose a self-catering accommodation.

Best route to Slovenia

Driving via Munich is a great option for an optimal journey from the Netherlands to Slovenia.

Route via Munich: Travel south along the Salzburg route, eventually taking the Tauernautobahn (toll) and entering Villach before entering Slovenia via the Karawanks tunnel (toll).

If you are looking to travel from northeast to southwest, your best route is A1 Spielfeld – Maribor – Ljubljana – Koper. When you take this road, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, while reaching your destination in no time!

Heading south and east? Your ideal route is via the A2 Karawanks tunnel (toll) – Kranj – Ljubljana – Novo Mesto

Which route do you take through Slovenia?

It is easy to plan your journey in Slovenia when you have the right route! Whether you start your car journey in the north or south, there are plenty of exciting sights and activities to discover. For those starting in the north, the Julian Alps are a great place to start.

Here, visitors can enjoy the majestic mountains and scenic view of the lakes. If you stopover in the south, it is best to go to Piran on the coast. In the meantime, do not forget to taste Slovenian culture and nature in the northeast of the country. Slovenia has some of the best wine regions in the world, which makes a visit to this glorious country even more tasteful.

Travelling to Slovenia by electric car

Electric driving in Slovenia is simple and easy. There are more than 230 charging points across the country, including many in the capital, Ljubljana. This makes it easy to plan your trip based on the availability of charging points, as distances are not far in this beautiful country. If you are looking for detailed information on places where you can charge your car, you can download the Chargemap app (available on IOS and Android).

Our local travel specialist in Slovenia can also give you useful advice to make your trip go smoothly. Driving an electric or hybrid car does not have to get in the way of Slovenia's breath-taking mountain scenery!

Mandatory to take with you in the car

When you are trailing through Slovenia, there are certain items you must have in your car. These include:

  • A warning triangle
  • Safety vest
  • To vignette
  • Additional warning triangle (in case of trailer or caravan)

It is not mandatory but recommended to take the following items during your car journey in Slovenia:

  • A first aid kit
  • Spare bulbs 

Car vignettes for Slovenia

From 2022 it is important for drivers in Slovenia to take into account that toll vignettes are mandatory on all motorways and expressways. This applies to all motor vehicles that are not heavier than 3500 kilograms. Depending on your vehicle and the height of your front axle. While planning your trip, get a vignette as soon as possible and avoid unnecessary traffic delays or fines.

Refuelling and loading your car in Slovenia

In Slovenia, not all fuels are equally easy to obtain and some fuels are not even available at all. You can fill up day and night at the border crossings and highways around the major cities. If you leave the highway , keep in mind that petrol stations are open until 20:00 . Most petrol stations accept cash and the popular credit cards. Slovenia has few charging points for electric cars. More information about charging and refueling your car in Slovenia.

Traffic rules in Slovenia

If you are going to use the road network of Slovenia, it is important to be aware of the traffic rules and regulations. The traffic rules in Slovenia may differ from the traffic rules you are used to in your own country.

Map and location of Slovenia

Slovenia, about half the size of the Netherlands, is a small but unique country in Central Europe. In the north lies Austria, in the south Croatia and Hungary and in the west Italy and the Adriatic Sea. The captivating landscape has stunning peaks that rise up to 2000 meters above sea level and are part of the Alps.

Toll roads Slovenia *You need a valid vignette for all highways in Slovenia

Landscapes range from dense forests, rolling hills and sandy shores, perfect for soaking up the sun in the bustling capital of Ljubljana – a delightful mix of ancient churches, cobbled streets and bustling riverside bars. With a plethora of outdoor activities within easy reach of the city centres – Slovenia beckons adventurers with a myriad of opportunities for exploration.

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